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Sliding Gate Motor

Sliding Gate Motor

Easy to install, sliding gate motors are the perfect choice to automate any type of sliding gate; indeed, sliding gates motors are designed to make an existing sliding gate open and close automatically. A flat gear or rack attaches to the side of the gate and the pinion gear on the motor winds the gate open and closed. Thanks to the wide range of available models, customers can choose the most appropriate slide gate opener depending on the weigth of the gate to be automated.

The frontal manual release lever allows the user to manually handle the gate in case of emergency, for example, during electrical black-outs.

The proper operation of the sliding gate opener is guaranteed for long time thanks to the sturdy materials used for its production: aluminium for the reducer and zinc sheet for the base. Wear and tear of the internal mechanical parts is kept to a minimum since the reducer is highly lubricated with permanent grease. Slide gate motors can handle sliding gates of large sizes and are, therefore, also suitable for extensive use in the industrial field; indeed, the K-2200 slide gate operator, thanks to its assembled three-phase motor, can handle sliding gates with a maximum weight of 2200 Kg. Everything takes place safely: indeed crash prevention is guaranteed by mechanical friction.

K units are a series of operating devices created for automatic movement of sliding gates weighing upto 2200 kg. They are available in various versions, for easy & functional use, from detached homes or apartment blocks to large company premises.

Technical specifications for Sliding Gate Motor

Model K-400 K-800* K-1400* K-1800* K-2200*
Max Gate Weight 400 kg 800 kg 1400 kg 1800 kg 2200 kg
Thrust 110 N 290 N 290 N 640 N 640 N
Operating Speed 0.160 m/s 0.166 m/s 0.166 m/s 0.166 m/s 0.166 m/s
No Cycle 47-25 sec 10-32 sec 10-32 sec 9-60 sec 9-60 sec