We are a well recognize manufacturer and service provider for various kind of rolling shutters, gate and grills. Our product range implies automated rolling shutter, manual rolling shutters, push and pull rolling shutters, electrically operated rolling shutters, GI rolling shutters, remote controlled shutters, automated grill shutters, gear operated shutters, high speed rollup doors, sectional overhead doors, retractable and automated gates, boom barriers, manual gates, automated gate retraceable gates, collapsible grill, swing gates, sliding gate, road barriers, steel grills, cast iron grills, brass grills. Also supplier of rolling shutter motor, we use top brand rolling shutter motors in our shutters.

High Speed Roll-up Door

High speed doors are designed for industrial and commercial applications and are ideal for manufacturing companies, food processing plants, and warehouse facilities. These high speed doors are designed to reduce costly energy consumption by improving environmental control improve productivity and enhance materials flow, promote and improve employee safety, and decrease maintenance expenditures.

Akash rolling shutter provides high speed doors with a focus on value over the door’s life-cycle. Customers can count on Akash rolling shutter to offer long term savings from both minimized downtime and lower maintenance costs

These doors are specially built for heavy usage, fast action, smooth operation with high safety features and controlling environment condition inside the facility.

These doors are more suitable for interior installation and can be install exterior with steel tube inserts at regular interval.

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