We are a well recognize manufacturer and service provider for various kind of rolling shutters, gate and grills. Our product range implies automated rolling shutter, manual rolling shutters, push and pull rolling shutters, electrically operated rolling shutters, GI rolling shutters, remote controlled shutters, automated grill shutters, gear operated shutters, high speed rollup doors, sectional overhead doors, retractable and automated gates, boom barriers, manual gates, automated gate retraceable gates, collapsible grill, swing gates, sliding gate, road barriers, steel grills, cast iron grills, brass grills. Also supplier of rolling shutter motor, we use top brand rolling shutter motors in our shutters.

Boom Barriers

With our expertise in this domain, we are able to offer a wide gamut of Boom Barrier Gates. Boom barrier are mostly used to block vehicles and persons at checking points. These barriers are widely applicable for entrances of various buildings and apartments. Our Automatic boom barriers consist of a DC motor and a lever is also known as Motorized Boom Barriers. These barriers can be opened and closed easily, it is also provided with locking systems. These automatic barriers can be operated with the help of hand held transmitters. In case of power failures these Automatic boom barrier can be operated manually.

Our Boom barriers are manufactured from high grade raw materials like stainless steel and aluminium designed for continuous use. One of the distinguishing features is their simplicity of assembly. We offer these boom barriers in different models based on the specification of our customers. Our Security boom barrier act at dual speed that not just optimize the time but also enhances the security.

The combination of our proven and reliable electric motor with a lever system represents a simple and extremely reliable drive solution. It permits short opening and closing times without the barrier boom bouncing in the end positions. The lever system locks the barrier boom at both end positions. In the event of a power failure, it can still be moved easily by hand. A built in spring mechanism provides a precise counterbalance for the barrier boom.

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